Creating the alTUNAtive.

First off… Most folks only think of tuna as a salad topper or as the main ingredient for tuna salad. StarKist didn’t just need to tell consumers about their products. They needed to prove to them that their products could mean so much more.

So we… Realized that the competition wasn’t other tuna brands. It was other proteins. So we positioned StarKist as the alTUNAtive, lower in fat and higher in protein and Omega3s than meat and chicken. Plus, we created an entire year’s worth of dietary content and recipes that proved that StarKist isn’t just your grandma’s tuna.

And then… The work we created was so successful, it led to StarKist hiring our former agency as their digital and social AOR.

We contributed, as a team or individually, to the following work created and produced by Gatesman.