Black spell of destruction? Or viral sensation?

First off… Went to get new furniture for our office at IKEA. Sam noticed that every product sounded like one of the bands he listens to.

So we… Jeff liked playing the game of furniture or death metal band so much, he suggested they make it into a website. Three hours later, the site was launched. We posted it on Reddit and went to bed.

And then… We woke up to thousands of hits – all together more than 2.17 million visits (and counting). In just one day, were up to 82,000 plus players an hour. And get this – only three countries didn’t visit the site: Chad, Turkmenistan and North Korea. Plus, 4,500 sites throughout the world wrote about IKEA or Death, including ABC News, Spin, PSFK, Fast Company, Gizmondo, Adweek and hundreds of music sites. We even got tweeted out by the country of Norway. IKEA OR DEATH IST KRIEG!

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