Don’t blame us. We voted for a tuna.

First off… StarKist’s CEO wanted Charlie the Tuna to run for President.

So we… Thought it was a good idea, but wondered: who would be his VP? This led to an all out blitz where we asked every mascot we could think of – via Twitter – to join Charlie. The winner ended up being Sally the Salmon, a new character that we created who will be part of the brand for years to come. Throughout the campaign, from attack ads against other proteins and tweets that showed Charlie meeting with famous Presidents to real time ads and live tweets during the debates, we stayed on our toes. Or fins.

And then… In a sea of brands referencing the election, we kept things fun and got plenty of great engagement and press for StarKist (without one negative tweet from President Trump).

We contributed, as a team or individually, to the following work created and produced by Gatesman.